LG 24MA32D Review

This LG 24MA32D is the perfect solution if you are looking for an HDTV that doubles up as a monitor or vice versa. Its compact size and 1920 x 1080 resolution mean it’s sharp enough to rival dedicated computer screens, whilst its built-in ATSC tuner and stereo speakers allow it to function as a normal TV at the touch of a button.

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The LG Electronics 24MA32D is ideal if you’re short on space, or just don’t want the clutter of a second monitor/TV in the room. As a television it’s a solid performer – LG are renowned for using quality panels in their displays and this model is no different. It’s an LED lit 1080p screen which makes it bright and vivid with a high level contrast, as well allowing the LG 24MA32D a slimline design.

The TV tuner works fine and the setup process is very simple. The user interface, as with all LGs, is excellent – clear, attractive and never prone to lag. The remote is also intuitive and well laid out although it is a little big when placed alongside the TV itself.

The speakers in the LG 24MA32D aren’t exactly bone-shakers, coming in at a relatively meager 2 x 5W. It’s hardly surprising and for a small TV it’s not a major issue – especially if you’re using this display as a monitor when you’ll be sitting up close to it, in which case they do the job just fine.

As a monitor the LG 24MA32D holds it own. It’s wide viewing angle is an important feature in this situation and it’s 1080p resolution results in a perfectly precise image. It’s not quite up there with a dedicated IPS monitor, and the LED lighting might be a too bright if you’re using it for prolonged periods and prefer a more mellow image, but overall it does well.

LG 24MA32D Product Features

  • Performs well as a TV or a monitor
  • Sharp and vivid 1080p LED display
  • Has built-in speakers but they’re a bit weedy
  • Perfect for saving space and avoiding clutter
  • One HDMI input
  • One D-sub PC input (VGA)
  • Other inputs include composite, component and PC audio
  • Both as a TV and a monitor it is low priced

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In conclusion the LG Electronics 24MA32D is great as an all-in-one display. Whilst it can’t quite match a dedicated monitor it comes very close, and as a TV it’s a good performer as you would expect from LG. It’s also attractively priced and would make a great second monitor that you can use to watch regular TV when it’s not in use as a computer display.

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