VIZIO E241-A1 Review

The VIZIO E241-A1 is a great choice if you’re looking for a small TV for a bedroom or kitchen. With the full-HD 1080p resolution spread across just 24-inches the resulting picture quality is razor sharp, whilst the sleek styling and low price mean it’s an ideal choice if you’re shopping for an extra TV for the smaller room.

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First impressions of the VIZIO E241-A1 are very promising. The design is sleek and uncluttered, with a nice thin screen bezel and slim dimensions overall. The stand at the back of this model is a little unusual and is more like the support you’d find on the back of a picture frame rather than the big plastic square slab we are more used to seeing. Whilst this obviously means you can’t tilt of swivel the TV on it’s base, overall it’s a good solution and makes the E241-A1 even more compact.

Vizio have a pretty good reputation as far as picture quality goes, and the E241-A1 is no different. It’s nice that they have crammed a proper 1920 x 1080 resolution into the relatively small screen and the end result is an image quality that is closer to a PC monitor than a budget TV, very impressive. If you’re watching proper HD content it looks very detailed and clear, whilst regular TV is also crisp and sharp.

Considering its petite proportions the E241-A1 also packs a decent audio punch, with the speakers able to deliver clear sound and wind up to a respectable volume. They’re not going to blow you away by any means, but they do a much better job than the wimpy tinny speakers that we often find in TVs of this size. For a small room they are more than competent and overall are impressive for a model like this.

At this price-point you’re not going to find a TV loaded with the latest features, so it’s no surpise that beyond the basics of good picture and audio quality the Vizio E241-A1 doesn’t offer a whole lot else. It’s hardly an important factor for a small TV like this however and you’ll find all the usual stuff included like a simple but well thought out remote, an HDMI port, and a PC input (VGA) if you want to use the E241-A1 as a computer monitor.

Specs & Features

  • Full-HD LED screen looks super-sharp at 24-inches
  • Good speakers for a TV of this size and price
  • Slimline styling with simple but effective stand
  • HDMI, PC (VGA), component and composite connections
  • Good value for a 1080p LED TV of this size

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In conclusion the VIZIO E241-A1 will do a great job as an extra TV for smaller rooms. Despite the low price the specifications are very good – especially the 1080p LED screen which serves up a fantastically crisp picture. The slim styling and simple stand also means it will be able to fit in the tightest of spaces.

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