VIZIO E320-A1 Review

The VIZIO E320-A1 is a great choice if you’re looking for a low cost 32-inch LED TV with excellent picture quality, as long as you can live without the additional features and connectivity options that are typically found on more expensive models.

It’s a straightforward TV set that focuses on providing a great viewing experience via it’s vibrant LED panel, but not much else. Thankfully it’s budget pricing reflects this so if you’re looking for a no frills LED TV that is friendly on the wallet, the E320-A1 is well worth considering.

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The VIZIO brand is going from strength to strength at the moment and as well as offering premium HDTVs at the top end of the market, it’s also doing a good job catering for the budget conscious consumer, with the E320-A1 being one of the latest additions in this segment.

Instead of cutting corners in quality with the E320-A1, VIZIO have instead stripped back it’s feature set whilst keeping the great build and picture quality it’s becoming known for intact. First impressions are good and at first glance it’s difficult to seperate the E320-A1 from more expensive brands.

It’s clean, monolithic styling and super-thin bezel make it a classy looking affair and although it’s not the thinnest 32-inch LED by any means, overall it looks and feels like a well designed and manufactured TV. The E320-A1 is finished in glossy piano black typical of many TVs, which looks slick although it’s a but of a dust magnet.

The only real concession that the VIZIO E320-A1 makes with the screen in order to keep the cost down is the resolution, which is 720p (1366 x 768). Fortunately it makes little difference on a TV of this size and the picture clarity is excellent – sharp and detailed. The panel is LED-lit which allows for vivid colors and and in dark scenes blacks really are black rather than a washed out grey.

The E320-A1 also enjoys the other benefits offered by an LED screen – viewing angles are nice and wide so detail and color remains intact even when looking at the TV from almost side-on. Energy consumption is also much lower than the older LCD technology with a saving of up to 50% in some cases.

The VIZIO E320-A1′s speakers do a good job, and with a 2 x 10W output are more than adequate for a 32-inch TV. If you’re putting this TV in a particularly large room they might struggle a bit to fill the space, but for a small to medium size room they deliver great performance with enough depth and bass, and can get up to a high volume before things start getting distorted.

Beyond the slick design, great picture quality and decent speakers there isn’t a lot more to say about the VIZIO E320-A1 – it doesn’t really sport many features beyond this. The TV tuner is solid and has no problem picking up channels, and the typical inputs and outputs are all present and correct, including two HDMI ports, USB slot, and audio connections.

The setup process is painless and it only takes a couple of minutes to get everything up and running, whilst VIZIO’s on screen display and menus are straightforward, well laid out and snappy to load. The remote control is very much in line with the TV itself – simple but effective, it gets the job done.

VIZIO E320-A1 Features

  • No frills 32-inch LED TV
  • Clean styling and good build quality
  • Excellent picture with vivid colors
  • Sharp image clarity despite 720p resolution
  • Solid speakers do a decent job
  • Two HDMI ports, component, composite and audio inputs
  • Short on features but the price reflects this

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Overall the VIZIO E320-A1 is an excellent performer and definitely worthy of purchase if you just want a well built TV with a great picture at a low cost. It only does the basics, but it does them very well and at this price point it’s one of the best models available.

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